Welcome to Premise Beach!

Hi, I’m Jon, and I write and record music under the name Premise Beach. I’m going to be releasing some singles on a new label called Pure Casual, and I really hope people like them. The first single, Mikolah, will be released digitally on 13 February. If you want to know what I’m up to and how things are going, I’ll keep you posted right here on this blog. I’ll try and keep things interesting.

At the moment I’m very gradually recording a couple of new songs, which I’m pretty excited about so far. I have to try and stay calm when I’m recording songs – if I get really excited about them, I start to worry and panic that I might not get them right, then I find it harder and harder to finish them. So these new songs sound just OK, for now.

I’m also printing some special promo CD copies of Mikolah, which I’ll to send out to anyone who would like to help spread the word about the single.

Another promo CD sleeve for Mikolah leaves the printer unscathed...

I’m not sure how many of these things I’m going to produce, as it’s not that easy to successfully inkjet print onto a paper sweets bag. I wouldn’t recommend it, really! I figure that I’ll keep printing until I my printer packs up, or the ink cartridge runs out, or I run out of these sweets bags I’m printing on.

So like I said, the single is out on Monday 13 February and I hope lots of people hear it and like it and buy a copy – it’s available on bandcamp here.

I’m off to watch the the African Cup of Nations final, so I’ll say goodbye now.


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