The MiniDisc Archive

For quite a few years, I used to record all my stuff on a cassette 4-track then use a MiniDisc recorder to mix down and edit. Worked pretty well. I was looking for an old recording the other day, amongst my archive of MiniDiscs. It took me quite a while to find the track I was looking for, as I’ve never been very organised.

The late, great Tascam Portastudio

While I was searching, I discovered a lot of old material that I’d pretty much forgotten about. A lot of it is very, very unfinished, barely formed or just quite boring, but some of it sounds pretty nice, actually.

I’ve started to upload some of this material to my SoundCloud profile. I think it would be cool for people to hear them. Most of these recordings are closed cases; demos, ideas, unfinished bits and pieces that will remain so. There are, however, a few recordings and ideas that I’d like to develop a bit further, do things with them I didn’t or couldn’t do at the time. Anyway, here are a couple of tracks from the archive:

MiniDisc Archive: Ukelele

MiniDisc Archive: Giddyup

MiniDisc Archive: Loop

I’ll be adding more material in the future so stay tuned and follow me at SoundCloud.


3 thoughts on “The MiniDisc Archive

      1. You should, I know what you are like with them! The actual OST has great songs, but I do think the score is very underrated!

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