September single: She’s So Groovy

So here’s my new single, She’s So Groovy. It’s available at bandcamp, you can pay what you want.

It started off life as quite an upbeat track, but I reworked it recently and now it sounds kind of sad… quite a nice tune though, I think. I would liked to have used a Fender Rhodes, but I had to use my £90 Yamaha instead. Doesn’t sound that bad, considering. I couldn’t think of an idea for a video, but maybe I will later.

All these stickers meant something at some point…

Last thing; if you like the song, do share it with people. I don’t really know how to promote myself properly, plus I don’t gig or get to meet many music people. More about that some other time. But, you know, any exposure would be appreciated. Cheers.

P.S, Thanks again to Musaab for the illustration. Always loved that one.


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