Premise Beach is Jon Covell, a Manchester based singer, songwriter and intermittent home-recorder.

Hi, I’m Jon. I write and record music and songs. I record all my stuff at home, using a Tascam digital multitrack recorder, a couple of nice guitars, a few cheap keyboards, and a temperamental mic. Sometimes I get friends in to play parts, but mainly it’s just me.

Writing and recording is really all I do. I don’t gig or perform live. This is for a couple of reasons. One reason is that my ears are really messed up. I have, like, really sensitive ears. They don’t like loud, unpredictable places, so I have to stay away from gigs and clubs and that. They are so temperamental, I have to be careful when I’m recording too. It’s really crap. Also, It would be hard for me to do a lot of my music live anyway, as I multitrack everything. I could do a basic version of my stuff, but I’m not sure I’d like to do that.

I put tracks on SoundCloud, and you can download them at bandcamp, naming your price. Sometimes I do YouTube videos for my songs too.

So that’s Premise Beach.


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