Hi, I’m Jon. Maybe I should explain what I’m doing here. I write and record music and songs. I do it because, for the most part, I enjoy doing it. I record all my stuff at home, using a Tascam digital multitrack recorder, a couple of nice guitars, a few cheap keyboards, and a temperamental mic. Sometimes I get friends in to play parts, but mainly it’s just me.

Writing and recording is really all I do. I don’t gig or perform live. This is for a couple of reasons. One reason is that my ears are really messed up. I have, like, really sensitive ears. They don’t like loud, unpredictable places, so I have to stay away from gigs and clubs and that. They are so temperamental, I have to be careful when I’m recording too. It’s really crap. Also, It would be hard for me to do a lot of my music live anyway, as I multitrack everything. I could do a basic version of my stuff, but I’m not sure I’d like to do that.


As I don’t perform, I’ve decided to release things fairly regularly. I’m currently releasing a single/song/track each month. I might do an EP too, maybe an album at some point, but the minimum I’m aiming for is one release every month. I put them on SoundCloud, and you can download them at bandcamp, naming your price.  Sometimes I do YouTube videos for my songs too.

So that’s Premise Beach.


September single: She’s So Groovy

So here’s my new single, She’s So Groovy. It’s available at bandcamp, you can pay what you want.

It started off life as quite an upbeat track, but I reworked it recently and now it sounds kind of sad… quite a nice tune though, I think. I would liked to have used a Fender Rhodes, but I had to use my £90 Yamaha instead. Doesn’t sound that bad, considering. I couldn’t think of an idea for a video, but maybe I will later.

All these stickers meant something at some point…

Last thing; if you like the song, do share it with people. I don’t really know how to promote myself properly, plus I don’t gig or get to meet many music people. More about that some other time. But, you know, any exposure would be appreciated. Cheers.

P.S, Thanks again to Musaab for the illustration. Always loved that one.

New single out on Monday

So my next single is out on 12 August. It’s called Mikes on Mars. It’s a bit of a departure from what I usually do. An instrumental analog synth-based electro thing.

It was made possible by a couple of old monophonic Casio keyboards and a quite a bit of patience, as I’m not much of a keyboardist. The keys are really small too. Not sure if anyone will like this one, but it works for me. I think I’ve got the electro thing out of my system now, though.


I’ve done a video (in the loosest sense possible) for it, but this time I got a friend in to help design the cover. The illustration is by an old friend of mine, Paul Williams, who has recently started putting a blog of his work together. Take a look, it’s nice stuff.

Mikes on Mars cover design

Wait a Minute video

Here’s a video I did for Wait a Minute. It’s pretty basic, but I guess it’s better than a still image of the cover. This might be a recurring theme with the videos I’ll do. Might get some outside help in future.

I made it with Illustrator and Windows Movie Maker, while watching The Rock. The Rock is a really long film. It didn’t influence the video, unfortunately.